Raincoat and the Volcano

The Raincoat and the Volcano is part of the Crumpled Series. Each piece in this series starts with a crumpled piece of paper. The patterns created from the crumple are interpreted into a one of a kind image. The line art from this crumple reminded me of a child riding a bicycle. As a young boy, I spent many rainy afternoons riding around the streets of my small town. I always wanted one of those bright yellow raincoats to wear on those deep blue days. Now I have one.

This piece kind of struck a chord in me. There’s something about that big blue space, almost melancholy, but serene in it’s own simple way, that really moves me. It was a different feel for me, also, to be so simplistic and I had to almost force myself to push the design down into that small area in the corner. The overall piece doesn’t feel forced to me, though. It feels just right.