Armando is a creative that incorporates visual storytelling and critical thinking to create impacting solutions.

My philosophy is creative work is an effort to develop solutions to problems that are unique to each person, group or situation. The most effective and rewarding process to accomplish this is collaboration.

Fear Pretends to be an Ocean

Recently, I was in an airport in Chicago. I was wearing a blue wool knit shirt, not even thinking about the text and image. A stewardess passing through security at the same time asked me what my shirt meant. I told her the design was from a series called “We’re All A Little Anxious” and it represents how my own fears and anxieties, at the time, sometimes felt as deep and powerful as an ocean, and though the feeling is real, it’s not always true. She said she struggled with overwhelming anxiety herself and was encouraged by the message. You never know who may be working through their own mental health issues.

#art #illustration #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #anxiety #anxious #apparel #empathy #encouragement #airport

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