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“Wolf Chases Tiger” Graphic Novel 🌟

📖 About the Project: Join us on an exciting journey through 1950s-era South Texas, where violence, revenge, loyalty, and love collide. This graphic novel series is centered around four main Mexican American characters.

🚀 Our Goal: To print and deliver a limited run of 1,000 units during Hispanic Heritage Month. These initial sales will provide the working capital needed to complete all three print books, which will ultimately expand into a total of six thrilling graphic novels.

Check out the “Pretty Dangerous” Music Video by If We Were A Band celebrating our upcoming Kickstarter Campaign featuring La Rosenda VillaLobos on YouTube.


🎨 Why Support Us?

  •  Representation: Our characters reflect Mexican American culture and characters.
  • Compelling Storylines: Dive into a world of intrigue, danger, and unexpected alliances.
  • Artistry: Impacting illustrations bring each panel to life, capturing the essence of the 1950s.

🙌 Rewards: Backers will receive exclusive perks, including signed copies, art prints, and Wolf Chases Tiger apparel.

🌐 Spread the Word: Share our campaign with fellow graphic novel enthusiasts, and anyone hungry for captivating narratives!

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Wolf Chases Tiger

This Graphic Novel is the first in a self-published series. It is a story of survival, romance and pride, that revolves around three main Mexican American characters in the 1950’s.

Book one, “Wolf Chases Tiger” is an introduction to El Tigre and his friend Johnny Juan as they find themselves in the crosshairs of the vindictive and dangerous leader of a regional and cross border crime syndicate, MALO, and a mysterious enemy from their childhood.

Visit for more information and to preview the first ten pages.

Three options are available:

The original print book – $9.99 (+ S&H)

The black and white Graphic Novel – $14.99 (+ S&H)

The full color Graphic Novel Deluxe Edition – $29.99 (+ S&H)

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James and Santiago Play Ball

Twin brothers James and Santiago have a summer full of baseball in this short children’s book about feelings, supporting each other and baseball puns.


The brothers work through a myriad of emotions as they navigate new and exciting experiences.


Santiago has the opportunity to support his brother’s new activity, and though he doesn’t quite understand the nuances of James’ new pastime, he shows his unwavering commitment to help him succeed. In turn, James never pressures or guilts his brother into joining him at the field. He simply accepts his brother’s quirky support.


A love story of survival, romance and pride, that revolves around three main Mexican American characters in the 1950’s: Ricardo DelGato, aka El Tigre is a fiery tempered red-haired man who, out of survival, takes on a job as a courier for a mysterious cartel from Mexico into Southern Texas. He was given the nickname El Tigre, (the Tiger), due to both his fiery hair and fierce temperament as a boy. Due to his red hair and fair skin, Ricardo has been ostracized by his own people, nor does he see himself as truly “American”. He is a misfit, whose one true aim is to survive and become the stuff of legend. His friend and ally, Johnny Juan is by his side as they face the harsh climate and even more dangerous Villalobos. La Rosenda is a beautiful young woman living in the shadow of her brother, the leader of a large criminal syndicate. She is fiercely independent, while still yearning for a love that will both capture her and set her free from the empty life that she is forced to live. Her brother’s position and influence create an island in which he is king and gives her very few choices or prospects for a meaningful life. Enrique is a hard-hearted man, who scratched and clawed his way to a place of power and influence. He is the first generation and the leader of MALO (Mexican American Lobos), a criminal syndicate that reaches from Mexico into Southern and West Texas. Enrique lives by his own rigid code and has developed into a local community leader in the small and unlikely town of Uvalde. Here he controls a vast organization and the fate of many young, talented and loyal men. Their worlds collide in a tangle of violence, revenge, loyalty, and love.


“I Feel You” is not an inspirational or how-to book. In fact, it was never meant to be a book at all. It is just a collection of my own struggle with the grief of losing my brother, captured in simple and minimalistic illustrations. It’s been said that the simplicity of the drawings makes them very accessible and gives people an opportunity to have an empathetic experience through someone else’s shared grief. I Feel You | Treasury Edition is the complete collection of one hundred and sixty-two illustrations by the artist.


He has one personal project that consumes him.

A project he keeps guarded and secret. He is working on developing a time travel device, with one mission, to go back in time and stop a murder. After years of work, he is unable to develop a mechanism to allow organic material to travel back in time. He is, however, able to come up with a weapon, based on his research and work, that will allow a small non-organic material to move like a bullet through the layers of time.

Unbeknownst to him, a shadowy figure from his past has been hunting him, trying to find the weapon, but for his own nefarious purposes, but which past? Has he already set in motion a chain of events that have disrupted this reality?

Can his own personal vendetta be worth the risk of unraveling a millennium of history, and change the course of humanity?

“Shot in the Dark” coming soon.

Antony, a seasoned professional, faced an unusually resilient victim. After completing his assignment, he discovered incriminating DNA evidence—a tooth, blood, and sweat—on a table strewn with mail and household items. Swiftly, he bagged the evidence and wiped everything clean. Driving away from town, he discarded the bag in a secluded forest.

Unbeknownst to Antony, the irate landowner patrolled the same woods, fed up with littering. When Antony reported back to his boss, he mentioned the discarded bag and was sternly instructed to retrieve it. The next morning, as the landowner angrily collected trash, he stumbled upon the bag. Inside, an envelope bore a local address—a twist of fate that would intertwine their lives forever. Neither knew that destiny awaited them as they pass each other on the narrow road, and Antony had no idea that there was a lion, sleeping at the end of the road.