CONFLICT: Uninsured elderly and single parent homes were damaged during a flood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2016.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: Collaborate with local groups to create art pieces from flood debris to auction and raise funds for flood victims.

RESOLUTION: Raised over $4K and donated 100% to purchase drywall and helped several families.

Reclamation Artist, Armando Heredia and his son, Nathaniel, traveled 33 hours from Phoenix, Arizona to Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Greyhound to raise funds to purchase drywall for single mothers and the elderly who were affected by flooding. Armando created artwork from flood debris which was sold at auction and the funds were donated through Acacia Church in Baton Rouge.
We were able to raise $4,000!
Armando and Nathaniel at the hour of darkness (2:45 AM) Phoenix Greyhound Station
One-of-a-kind pieces of artwork created from the Baton Rouge flood debris by reclamation artist, Armando Heredia. 100% of the profit will be donated to purchase drywall for single mothers and elderly who do not have flood insurance through Acacia Church in Baton Rouge.

A Pelican at the Dinner Table
Reclaimed Mix Media | 48 1/4″ x 19 5/8″
The Louisiana state bird is the Brown Pelican. The white and red are from a dinner set that was discarded in a pile of debris. To me, the ability to sit with family at the dinner table is very significant and vital to a family. The eye is a button from a little girl’s shoe, which was buried under an immense pile of everything she was probably familiar with.”

Louisiana Black Bear
Reclaimed Wood and Mix Media | 30 5/8″ x 54″

The bear is whittling from the slats of a porch bench ruined by flood waters and mounted on a discarded table top. Each piece of “fur” was individually glued.


Blossoms in the  Window
Reclaimed Steel Wire and Mix Media | 27 1/2″ x 69 1/2″

Strength. That is the word I heard and saw in the hearts, eyes, smiles, tears and sweat of are the people of Baton Rouge. We found this old school exercise device in a pile of flood debris. It took a bit of work to uncoil the springs to use for the blossoms.

Pure. The magnolia is the state flower, it represents purity and the blind used as the back drop represents the loss of privacy and security to protect families and children.

[wpvideo 04fXUiNq]

Redemption’s Cross
Mix Media | 24″ x 34″ (Unsigned) This piece was commissioned by Pastor Russ Cripps, from Acacia Church, host of this week’s art efforts. It is made from reclaimed decorative pieces from two different homes and represents the redemptive work God does in the hearts of believers.

 Here is a link to Acacia Church’s Podcast of the message Pastor Russ and I shared with the congregation on Sunday morning. It’s a message of hope and redemption: The Redemption of the Broken