CONFLICT: The artist’s brother passed away suddenly, and he needed a way to cope with his grief.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: As a creative, art was Armando’s outlet. He began doing simple illustrations to work through his grief and shared them with his friends and family through social media.

RESOLUTION: Many of his friends and family members said that the art helped them work through their own grief and encouraged him to share the work. Two books were published and the artist went on to create a YouTube channel and TikTok page to share the art and sentiments. A third book, which will include the complete collection is in the works.

I Feel You Treasury Edition now available.


“I Feel You” is not an inspirational or how-to book. In fact, it was never meant to be a book at all. It is just a collection of my own struggle with the grief of losing my brother, captured in simple and minimalistic illustrations.
It’s been said that the simplicity of the drawings makes them very accessible and gives people an opportunity to have an empathetic experience through someone else’s shared grief.

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