CONFLICT: Creative, Matthew James needs to reintroduce his music to his previous audience, and connect with new potential music fans.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: Help Matthew reintroduce his music through telling his own story, allowing a new group of people to see his creativity and passion, as well as his own humanity. We want to grow an audience of people who believe in Matthew, and love his music.

RESOLUTION: Ongoing campaign to share Matthew’s story on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

Matthew James

Matthew is a singer-songwriter, and musician extraordinaire. Our collaborative project is the social media introduction and build up to his first solo release, “Bank On It” on May 22, 2023. This includes three video posts per week leading up to the drop, a music video, and a lyric video.

Matthew is located in the Midwest, so our collaboration includes voice memos written by the artist and sent via text and email. These notes are interpreted and developed into posts that share his story.

The music video was produced in association with Media Masters in St. Louis, Mo. and shot on location in the St. Louis metro area and in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area.

Bank On It by Matthew James | Official Music Video

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Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | YouTube | Hyperfollow/Distrokid

Current and Previous TikTok Posts


Our follow up to the Bank On It music video was a promotion called “Second Chance Soundtrack” which focused on recovering from addiction, and is part of Matthew James’ mission as an artist. Both of these videos can be found on his TikTok and Youtube channels.