My focus, as a creative, is not to make “pretty designs”, but to create solutions. Below is a small collection of some of my work highlighting what the conflict was, the creative solution I pursued; and the resolution developed to solve the conflict. Most of my design work is a collaborative process, where I engage with the client to develop a solution. The below group was executed in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Conflict: New and current artwork/design needed to reach prospective clients for seasonal signage and promotional sales.
Creative Solution: Research and developed concepts based on seasonal promotions.
Resolution: Developed multiple format seasonal design concepts and look books for sales team to use in their promotional efforts.

We’re All A Little Anxious

CONFLICT: This series began as an exercise to express my own anxieties and comment on their effects on myself and the way I perceive the world around me.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: I created artwork to visually express my feelings, and work through them. As a poet, even my visual ideas are framed in verse, so it was natural to include a line or title to encapsulate the symbolism of many of the pieces. The series developed into a multi-faceted collection of analog and digital art, as well as a currently developing media series.

RESOLUTION: The art helped me identify the areas of my own life that needed balance and opened avenues for others to discuss their own mental health challenges. Read more…

Conflict: New facility needed environmental design.
Creative Solution: Worked with client to develop concepts that reflected their brand and goals.
Resolution: Multiple wall wraps and signage was developed for client location.

Conflict: Facility needed update in environmental design
Creative Solution: Worked with client to develop brand specific design.
Resolution: Multiple wall wraps and signage designed and implemented at client location.

Conflict: Client wanted to honor military veteran within their organization.
Creative Solution: Worked with client to develop graphic design that reflected military branches.
Resolution: Designed and implemented a dramatic permanent wall wrap to serve as a backdrop for their homage to military veterans.

Conflict: Show the contrast in the phrase “No mud, no lotus” for a spa.
Creative Solution: Researched concepts related to the phrase and artwork that represented both aspects.
Resolution: Developed a wall mural that represents the contrast and symbiotic relationship between mud (work, effort) and the lotus (success, fruit, life).

Conflict: New storefront needed promotional emphasis in its front window bank.
Creative Solution: Develop template for windows that can display both temporary and permanent graphics.
Resolution: Developed a high impact, low-cost combination of permanent and temporary graphics to promote sales and educate clientele about retail offerings.

Conflict: New fleet vehicles
Creative Solution: Develop a brand consistent concept that incorporates business specific information
Resolution: Created a bold and informative design (Option 1).

Conflict: New fleet vehicles
Creative Solution: Develop a brand consistent concept that incorporates business specific information
Resolution: Created a bold and informative design (Option 2).

Conflict: Needed logo for clothing brand
Creative Solution: Researched and developed a concept based on recognized iconography.
Resolution: Created a minimalist logo that incorporates the universal symbol for conflict, that is easily recognized and can be used in various ways on apparel and promotional materials.

Conflict: Small fruit grower needed logo
Creative Solution: Collaborated with client in conceptualizing the logo based on location and retail goals.
Resolution: Created a logo that celebrates both the location (Antelope Trail) and the product focus.

Conflict: Design cover needed
Creative Solution: Use an illustration from the collection to create a powerful and informative graphic that engages the viewer.
Resolution: The illustration along with the golden yellow cover captures the essence of treasure, which is the goal of the artist. Read more…

Conflict: Incorporate design, art and thematic elements into apparel and accessories
Creative Solution: Research print on demand, direct to garment and digital transfer film for ways to generate apparel.
Resolution: Developed a fashion line called Conflictionary to sell my own designs as apparel and accessories.